125 benchmark Diagnostics carried out in the last 12 months


Proservartner is an advisory firm that specialises in shared services and outsourcing and partners with organisations offering a fresh approach to provide discovery, guidance, implementation support and independent high quality advice and execution services leveraging experienced practitioners that actually have the war scars of implementation.

Founded in 2008, Our Award winning boutique firm of driven, pragmatic and outcome focused teams concentrate in the areas of Finance and HR transformation, with our particular excellence on captive shared services and business process outsourcing.

Proservartner was awarded European Advisory Company of the Year in 2012, and voted one of the 6 leaders in shared services and outsourcing in 2013.

There are six key reasons why our customers choose to work with Proservartner against the competition.

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  1. Specialists not generalists: 1. Specialists not generalists: Our people have the experience in shared services and outsourcing with focus on Finance, HR, Procurement, IT, Marketing and Legal.
  2. Full Lifecycle Support: We do not just design and transition, but provide full lifecycle support to ensure that the capability developed is highly successful
  3. Practitioner Approach: Our people are seasoned practitioners who partner with you to assess what is right for you. We do not throw graduates at problems as we recognize that the context and desired outcome for each client is different
  4. Focus: Our size allows us to provide significant focus on your needs to ensure that solutions we develop are “fit for purpose”. Each client is critically important to us building a reputation based on high quality advise
  5. Award Winning: We were awarded European Advisory Company of the Year in 2012, and voted one of the 6 leaders in shared services and outsourcing in 2013. We are recognized thought leaders
  6. Delivering the Outcome: We will challenge when necessary with facts and evidence, to ensure that you make the right decisions to deliver the desired outcome


We deliver utilising experienced, qualified and passionate programme managers with experience across Lean and Six Sigma. We believe in bringing in best people to help our clients and that is why 90% staff are qualified project managers and 70% six sigma black belts.


The services we offer illustrate a capability that provides strategic advise and reliable execution.

  • Vision and Strategy – Supporting organisations in setting the vision of why they exist and what they should be in the areas of Finance, HR, Procurement and in their shared services and outsourcing capability
  • Benchmarking – Testing efficiency and effectiveness of the Finance and HR functions in an organisation to test operational complacency and identify areas for improvement
  • Business Architecture – Leveraging our process expertise and our enabling tools to visualise the right future for an organisation
  • Technology Enablement – Ensuring that the technology and tool landscape facilitates the process, with the best use made our of ERPs, process enabling technologies and tools
  • Project Execution – Reliable delivery of projects and programmes that span operational improvement, transition management, Finance, HR and Procurement transformation