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HR Transformation

HR Shared services, while not a new thing, is an increasingly common way for organisations to create more efficient service delivery. While in the first instance, organisations looked to reduce costs, the focus now, in next generation HR shared services, has shifted towards delivering quality outcomes to an increasing customer base. During our research, we identified that 70% of organisations described that they are still working on optimising HR shared services as their business continues to expand its footprint across the globe.

In the context of the changing role of HR and the drive for greater corporate effectiveness, Next-generation HR shared services strategy looks to achieve the following:

1. Quality and dependenblity of service, not cost, are the leading factors that pave way to global shared services.
2. With new technology trends, HR shared services are starting to explore better customer-centric models.
3. Global strategy executed locally is favoured as the preferred operating model.
4. Programme standardisation and meticulous change management, centered on the human resource department, is still a critical factor.