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Benchmarking Services

Why Run A Benchmark Diagnostic?

  • Understand how your finance services compare to top quartile performers, average performers and bottom quartile performers in each process area
  • Detect areas for improvement in people, culture, process, technology, service management and organisation
  • Understand people implications of management, employee motivation and high levels of attrition
  • Enable change and increase the value of your finance function
  • Identify further cost savings and informs decisions on the business case for investment
  • Provide a balanced set of metrics to aid your decision making and identify Resourcing
  • Enables progress in realising benefits to be tracked
  • Support a mature relationship with stakeholders


Simple and Quick

  • We have developed a proven tool that generates a balanced set of performance metrics versus lower, average and world class benchmarks
  • This focused approach minimises data capture effort but provides the interconnected data to understand true levels of performance.
  • We support and guide participants each step of the way by spending time on-site to ensure that data is validated, and value is derived in a rapid timeframe


Right Level of Detail

  • We understand from our network that the right level of benchmarks are required, and will work with you to validate that our benchmark captures the “right level”
  • This will then allow participants to understand their current processes within the shared services environment against other leading companies in their industry, and answer the question “what can we be doing better?”



  • We will set up an initial workshop to outline the steps in the process and train the individuals inputting in data capture
  • We will provide suggestion for collating the data from the business and aid in this process as necessary, and support requirements as required post presentation of the results


1 Week

Phase 1: preparation

Project kick off

Identify contacts within the client

Familiarise contacts with methodology and templates


1 Week

Phase 2: Governance and Strategy review

Understand and Challenge current vision and strategy

Understand and challenge current governance structures

Compare against best practice and recommend improvements



2 Weeks

Phase 3a: Executive interviews

Agree interviewees

Agree timings of 1 to 1 sessions

Implement executive and finance team interviews


Phase 3b: operational review

Process workshop with key stakeholders

Understand the key issues

Document areas of improvement


2 Weeks*

Phase 4: Data capture and validation

Data gathering exercise with on-site support

Identification of gaps in data validation

Data sign-off


1 Week

Phase 5: review findings

generate benchmarking results

consulate date and compare results

build key findings and initiatives


2 Weeks

Phase 6: reporting results

Validate findings with key stakeholders

Build report to summarise recommendations and benchmarks

Present report and agree next steps