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Change Management and Comms

We support the entire life cycle of change management in transformations:

  • Commonly recognized change management approach and methodologies supported by certified consultants.
  • Internal tools and best practice derived from our vast communications and change management experience.

1. Strategy

Assessment of change impact on the organization

Assessment of change readiness

Assessment of integration of change management and project management

Translation of the organizational to the individual change impact

Assessment of initial change resistance

Development of detailed change and comms strategy

2. Program Initiation

Detailed case for change

Business benefits

Development of detailed change and comms plan and integration with project plan

Building of sponsorship model and assessment of sponsor competencies followed up by sponsors’ detailed role training

Acquiring change management resources, assessment competencies and team preparation

3. Delivery

Business impact assessment workshops

Communications execution support

Training and coaching for all impacted groups

Change agent network

Resistance management

Make it stick – change reinforcement – change effectiveness analysis, feedback gathering and compliance analysis, corrective actions implementation

4. Capability Development

Change training – understanding change management concepts and applying best practice

Organisational capability – organizational change maturity assessment and development plans

Change framework – make change management plan fit the purpose

Change toolkit – vast portfolio of assessment, training & coaching and implementation tools