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When building the future model for operations, the detailed design is critical and sometimes underestimated.  This can cause issues in the same way a poorly designed house is a nightmare to live in!

We believe an effective design must have the following characteristics:

  • Simple – the design needs to be easily understandable so that it can be explained to stakeholders and remove the complexity and waste that exists across the end to end processes.
  • Agile – our design activity builds a model that can adapt to changing external environments, can transfer FTE supporting one business division to another, can scale up with increasing volumes and can support a reduction in volumes with a reduction in FTE.
  • Cost effective – the design of the future model must provide a sound financial case for change.
  • Enables innovation – to allow future improvement and flexibility.

When we build the design, we include the following:

  • Change and Communications
    • An effective design requires process sessions with the subject matter experts that are performing the current tasks. Prior to this engagement, there must be a clear change and communications approach and a plan developed to ensure that the first steps are taken the right way.
    • Stakeholder groups will need to be identified, the level of influence and interest ascertained, and a specific approach set out for each stakeholder group.
    • Key messages will need to be developed to ensure that all communications are consistently executed and aligned from the beginning.