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Location Selection

Assessing the appropriate location for a particular function or operations is an analytical and stakeholder exercise that many organisations struggle with. With a myriad of data sources, and leaders in the business with varying perspectives and experiences, it is critical to maintain an approach that is as fact based as possible.

There are wide range of criteria and sub-criteria to consider, reviewing:

  • Costs (Employee and Overhead related)
  • Skills Availability (including language and functional skills)
  • Risk (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental)
  • Infrastructure (including the accessibility of the location)
  • Business Alignment

We help organisations move from location strategy to the top 50, top 10 and top 3 location to select. At that stage we help an organisation make a final decision through site visits and understanding which location best fits the need of an organisation.

In selecting a city, we then support the estate selection, and grant process to optimise the chances to achieve the right location with the right grant structure. Recently, we helped a retail giant achieve 500k in grants in Northern Poland