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Location Selection

Location Selection

The decision of where to locate any part of a multi-location business is often complicated and emotive.  We have built an approach that thrives on simplicity and provides a fact-based method to make the key location decision.

Our approach involves four “touch points” with the key decision makers in the organisation, to ensure that there is a clear and robust mechanism to move forward.

The selection process begins with the setting out of the criteria, weighting of each criteria and scoring mechanism to compare the city locations that have been shortlisted. We then support organisations through the decision-making process, to provide a more detailed location assessment and onsite visits to the top three/four cities selected.

The comparison services we provide include the following data:

  • Labour market analytics
  • Labour supply/demand forecasting
  • Overhead analysis
  • Overhead forecasting
  • Language capability
  • Skills assessment
  • Competition saturation analysis
  • Customer analytics
  • Logistics analysis
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Utility assessment
  • Unionisation analysis
  • Business climate assessment
  • Geopolitical risk assessment
  • Natural disaster risk evaluation
  • GIS analytics and mapping
  • Employer interviews
  • Community due diligence
  • …and many more


Our location assessment services include:

  • Location optimization. We help executives hone their decision-making skills and resources so their asset deployment decisions incorporate a strategic view, seek to capture benefits for the short term and lay the foundation for long-term strategic priorities.
  • Site selection. We help clients find locations that access new markets, achieve their operating cost targets, improve access to talent, and facilitate an issue-free ramp up. From country analysis to the detailed labour market and site due diligence, we bring rigour, objectivity, and multidisciplinary analytics to corporate location decisions.
  • Incentive negotiations. We advise clients on ways to drive an optimal incentives outcome for each job creation or investment project, using a results-oriented process for statutory and discretionary incentives that promotes a win-win solution for both sides.