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Chatbot Tools

Chatbot is a computer program designated to stimulate conversation with human user through various platforms i.e. desktops, browsers, mobile devices or messaging tools. Main purpose of a chatbot is to allow its users to ask standard query and get response instantly. Tool can be applied to numerous Tier 1 queries in various areas such as HR or IT.

We believe that implementing Chatbot solution will enable you delivery of objectives such as:

  • HC reduction
  • Generate savings
  • Implementation of RPA
  • Improving communication with customers
  • Increase business user productivity
  • Allow better resource utilisation
  • Improve service availability by providing 24/7 service to basic queries

Implementation of a Chatbot tool will allow you to establish Automated Service Desk with minimum human intervention and operate a leaner, more agile team, tackling incidents and requests with tactical efficiency.


At Proservartner, we will:

  • Asses and analise your needs
  • Plan and run the project
  • Select and advise on best tool to use
  • Support you during all pahes of the project (Feasability, Design, Implement and Stabilise)
  • Offer and share our knowledge and experience


Chatbot Conversation Framework

Closed Domain
Open Domain


Ruled based (earliest to achieve)
General AI (hardest to achieve)
Smart Machine (hard to achieve)


Retrieving responses
Generating responses