Finance Benchmark

Financial benchmarking is a process of analysing the finance function of a firm and making a comparison of the results with the similar type of organisations in order to assess a firm’s overall competitiveness, efficiency and productivity. The key thing before embarking on a benchmarking journey is to understand the current state of all the processes within the finance function (as shown below).

Our benchmarking services has in-depth experience in financial transformation independent of ERP implementation . Our expertise covers all facets of finance processes including and corporate performance management.

Our capabilities bring value-addition to the client by improving their ability to:

  • Identify efficiency in core finance functions, such Purchase-to-pay and Invoice-to-cash and Record-to-report.
  • Accurately capture Tax & Treasury reporting requirements from transactional and systems perspectives.
  • Provide robust budgets & forecasts using disciplined oversight of handling Business & Planning.