Business Architecture


From concept through to post go live support Proservartner has developed a 6 phase gated approach. Shared Services and Process Outsourcing requires careful and extensive change management, so our approach is collaborative,  we assist our clients through the journey rather than imposing isolated activities on our clients. All our consultants are practitioners and recognise potential issues as they arise, effectively de-risking the project with their depth of experience. The gated approach enables regular appraisals of the project, consideration of an updated business case, the stakeholder environment and the case for change. All these elements are key components that drive a successful project. Our approach is supported with specialised tools and templates that help to inform the next stage of the project and minimise re-work. An example of this is our use of specialist process mapping tools that assist in generating work instructions used at later stages of projects.

At the initiation of a project Proservartner would tailor the approach to suit the client’s environment and to incorporate any work already performed. For example, clients with complex change environments may require further support in this area and less support if they have a well-documented process environment.


If you have decided to go it alone on your project, we can provide a light touch approach by being part of your project committee or part of your steering board. This provides some reassurance to your stakeholders and can prevent some issues in execution. We call this service Non Exec Project Support and it is a great way to tap into our vast experience with minimal consultancy support for your project.