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Global Process Owner Training


Since the concept of process ownership was introduced by Michael Hammer over 15 years ago, Global Process Ownership has seldom delivered the desired benefits. Training can help define how the role should operate and set the right level of expectations between all groups.  This range of alternative training courses is developed to equip senior managers with the required knowledge and understanding of the benefits of a process-centric organisation and provide the skills to aspiring process owners. A course is also available for shared services teams working within process-centric organisations.



What will it cover?


  • Global process ownership strategy and how that impacts the rest of the organisation
  • Build a view of best practice
  • Introduce a design mind-set with end-to-end process thinking
  • Removing waste and leveraging lean principles
  • Providing process-centric tools and technologies
  • Introduction to partnership agreements and SLA and process performance
  • Developing effective role profiles and work instructions suitable for a process organisation
  • Executing change within a global process structure
  • The theory behind the development of the role and the requirements relating to process measurement including the management of technology strategies and budgets.


Who should attend?

  • Senior managers considering adopting a process-centric organisation
  • Process owners
  • Team leaders
  • SSC managers



Call to action

Helping organisations transform the way in which their businesses are run, delivering  operational efficiency and effectiveness through robust models of global process ownership.