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Hello to the Proservartner Community

Hello to the Proservartner Community

As part of our ongoing series of executive masterclasses and breakfast briefings we wanted to share with you a little more on our vision for these sessions, and how you can be involved, as well as an update on the up and coming sessions. Thanks for your continued interest and being part of what we are trying to achieve.

Our Vision

We want to improve knowledge sharing and facilitate better transformation results for organisations.

Who attends?

There has been an active and engaging community of executives from a range of companies and leading brands. Thanks to all that have joined us so far, and we look forward to seeing you again!

How to be involved?

Growing the community

  • Please share our events and masterclasses for those challenged with transformation initiatives. We believe our research and view of leading practices together with feedback from organisations currently going through that change, enables organisation to learn and grow from the experience of others
  • Do help us share knowledge and facilitate better outcomes!
  • Attending the masterclasses and breakfast briefings
  • Feel free to attend those sessions that you feel are relevant and you can learn from

Feedback on topics

  • If there is a particular topic where you would like to understand more, then do not hesitate in letting us know. if we do not cover these in our breakfast briefings, we may have a training course that provides that learning
  • Leadership
  • We are looking for non-executives to be involved in shaping our events strategy in the Netherlands and the US

Upcoming Events:

The HR Shared Services Masterclass
Why: If you are interested in setting up or transforming the existing service centre in HR then this is a useful 4 hour masterclass to attend
Where: Reading, UK
When: 1pm, 19 July 2017

The Rebirth of Process Ownership
Why: If you are interested in the topic of transforming your organisation to a process based model, or currently have a process owner framework but want to gain more benefit from that model, or want to understand the trends and views on best practice
Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
When: 830am, 29 Sept 2017

Optimise Outsourcing Models
Why: If you are interested in setting up an outsourcing relationship, or optimising the current relationship with your provider then this is a must-attend event. We have a buy side case study together with the strategies, tools and research to enable you to get the most out of your contract.
Where: London, UK
When: 830am, 06 Oct 2017

Contact dhrupad.patel@proservartner to hear more.

Dhru has over 10 years of experience within consulting, change management and finance.


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