Setting the Strategy


In an environment characterised by turbulence; evolving technology; increasing drive to cut cost; competitor pressure and ever-changing customer needs; executing strategy effectively and efficiently is becoming extremely challenging.

In the past, our clients have faced the following challenges:

  • Our corporate strategy is not in sync with my Shared Services and Outsourcing implementation.
  • Our employees don’t know and understand what management wants for the future of our company and hence the teams look in all different directions to gather information.
  • We lack the right measures to evaluate the effectiveness of our Finance and HR function

At Proservartner we push our clients in the right direction. Not only about how to build its future strategy but also about its strength of internal capabilities, its market and competitors. Our structured and analytical methodology have helped in creating value for your stakeholders and provided a guideline towards building the organisation capabilities in synchronisation with its strategy.

Our strategy setting covers four areas:
1. Shared Services and Outsoucing Strategy
2. Finance Transformation Strategy
3. HR Strategy
4. Procurement Strategy