Setting the Strategy

Shared Service and Outsourcing Strategy

Developing a clear and coherent strategy is a critical stage in the development of any Shared Services and Outsourcing project.  If you are starting the journey, Proservartner can support the development of this strategy in an approach which is designed to take it through to implementation and realisation of all the benefits the model has to offer. If you have already a shared service or outsourced capability, we can help review and update the strategy and help to develop it to the next level of maturity.

Over the course of the last decade many organisations have understood some of the concepts of shared services. However, our research has shown that many fail to recognise all the benefits that shared services can provide and seek to make changes in the model. Others have seen significant success in a single function, often Finance, and wish to carry the benefits over to others such as HR or IT. Whatever your starting point, Proservartner can help to drive a refresh to your current strategy and help develop further benefits in your shared service and outsourcing approach.

  1. Operating Models

There are many different operating models, with numerous different contracting options.  Few companies consider a suitable range of potential options and consequently fail to capitalise on a well thought out organisational strategy.  Proservartner can help educate and guide a company through the operating model maze.  Our approach is suitable for new projects and the evaluation of mature projects.  We perform many strategic reviews and support Shared Services Governance teams to develop their strategic plans, essential to maintaining customer confidence and adapting to changing environments.


2. Scope Extensions and the development of Global Business Services

The design of scope extensions and the implementation of new functions can lead to a number of new issues.   Scope increases within the function need to be made within the vision of the shared services (or BPO) otherwise numerous issues could emerge with the relationship with the business.  Special considerations need to be made for the development of ‘Centres of Excellence’ and technology enablement. Cloud based applications including Robotics could have a significant impact on the scope of your centre and need to be a major consideration in strategy development.

Multifunction shared services, sometimes known as Global Business Services may challenge the current governance model requiring a review of how services are governed, measured and reported.   Proservartner manage scope and functions strategy development by understanding the desired business outcome and by working closely with all stakeholders, help to direct the business to the best fit strategy.

No element of strategy development is left as a pure theory.  We will always outline the clear steps needed for implementation and support the client through this journey.  The benefit of using practitioners is that strategy will always be accompanied with real life examples and case studies.


3. Location Optimisation

The dynamics of technology and the changing scope of shared services and BPO locations is challenging business location strategy.     The focus on labour arbitrage is being replaced by a longer term strategy of driving sustainable cost reductions and business value.  Increased automation is also a game changer in determining location, as is the desire to up-skill Shared Services and BPO contracts.  Proservartner perform many location assessments and have a specialist practice focussed on remaining up to date data including salary costs and labour availability statistics.