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The Art of Negotiation


Negotiation is the basis of ensuring you get the best deal. So how is this relevant to a shared service? In short it’s the basis of every compromise, every discussion involving any resource that maybe in short supply. The best deal could be for IT resources to help complete a project, time at month end to ensure accurate numbers are recorded before reporting, budget for investment projects. The list is extensive and the ability to negotiate a valuable competence.

What the course will cover

Determine possible outcomes – trying to determine and set  realistic goals prior to a negotiation, understanding the context  of the negotiation when to decide to win or lose. Develop a negotiation strategy

Negotiation six steps ; from strategy to post mortem, identify the components of each step and recognise when to move to the next, when to compromise and when to persist.

Formulating the right questions, the importance of rapport building and creating a strong presence understanding body language, handling the meeting maintaining eye contact and dealing with bad behaviours.

When to compromise and strategies to resolve deadlocks and stalemates.

Tactics, tricks and tools how to deal with them and how to deploy them

Practice and practice

Who should attend?

Any role that needs to negotiate for those scarce resources, people looking for win win solutions with clients, customers or internal stakeholders.  Individuals lacking in confidence within their teams or peer group.

Call to action

Shared services wishing to build the competence within their teams, project managers struggling to gain priority of resources, sales staff unable needing to close the deal.