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Training is at the heart of Shared Services and Outsourcing projects.  It is also key to our collaborative approach.  We are highly motivated to share our knowledge and create new experts. Our training offering is extensive and we can provide training to all levels of the organisation from stakeholders to project performers.  Our knowledge base is considerable and we can create training programmes to suit our client’s needs which match any stage of a project or the maturity of a shared service or outsourced process.


About our Lean Six Sigma Training

Our trainers and consultants come from a strong background of developing and deploying shared services in number of sectors across the globe. Consequently, we understand the nature of a shared services and hence occupy a unique position to deliver a customised lean six sigma training that matches the expectations of shared services organisation. Having delivered a number of process improvements, our trainers also bring in relevant tips and techniques which are suited to match our client’s industry.

Why are we unique?

  • Target the right “E” – Impart knowledge aiming not only to improve efficiency but also effectiveness of the processes
  • Provide exposure to the trainees on the importance of “value streams” view of organisation and demonstrate how it is different from “functional streams”
  • Training on development of “Sustainable Corrective Actions” – Train to ask “why” and subsequently educate the usage of all lean six sigma tools
  • Educate all trainees on how to engage all stakeholders and management
  • Influence and develop a culture that supports & embraces “Lean Six Sigma”

Our Accreditation

  • Aligned to the global Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification
  • Accredited and licensed to certify to the British Quality Foundation (BQF) standards
  • Course curriculum is in line with the American Society for Quality (ASQ)

Our style of teaching

Our style of teaching caters to the needs of all adult learners and understands the different personality traits:

  • A requirement to know how the knowledge is of direct benefit
  • A need to apply the knowledge through actual experience
  • Ability to learn quickly when the training content is considered to be of use
  • A tendency to learn best when a problem-based approach is used
  • A need for independence, but not enough to cause discomfort (e.g., some trainees are uncomfortable with role playing)

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