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Facilitation for Process Improvement


Facilitation is a powerful tool that helps better decisions to be reached in a faster time-frame generating a higher level of commitment and buy-in from teams.  The use of lean, six sigma or other process improvement techniques are enhanced if sessions are facilitated correctly.  Productivity increases and effectiveness is significantly enhanced.


What will it cover?

  • Understanding the role of a facilitator
  • Dealing with teams
  • Maintaining control and managing bad behaviours
  • Driving to consensus
  • Planning a process improvement session
  • Types of workshop processes
  • Practical experience


Who should attend?

  • Process improvement professionals
  • Team leaders
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Shared service centre managers



Call to action

Facilitation is a core skill requirement for process improvement owners.  The ability to drive to a team consensus and effective workshop outcome is vital to success.  This day and a half session can transform internal workshop sessions into effective output-oriented events.