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Manager Training


Training  to provide practical advice on establishing an aspiring or newly-appointed manager’s  identity as a leader.  The courses prepare individuals for the role including: learning how to take a more strategic view, what to do in the first 30 days of appointment, building trust with teams, how to manage stakeholders (including customers and suppliers and internal senior management) and how to develop personal authority.  The training is designed to build confidence in new managers involved for the first time in measurement activities (including budgeting and monitoring), talent management, recruitment activities and in shared projects with other teams.


What will it cover?

Effective stakeholder communication

Persuading and influencing people

Managing a budget

Managing a talent forum

Managing employee attrition

Conflict resolution

Success in planning techniques

Training and development plans

Team appraisal

Leadership soft skills


Who should attend?

Future and current managers within shared services

Those aspiring to be managers or wishing to improve management skills


Call to action

Shared service managers need exceptionally strong people skills to manage the enormous pressures that result from multiple sources including internal customers, the employment market, projects and resourcing issues. These skills don’t always come naturally to strong functional leads.  Shared service management training aims to address this issue by specifically targeting the skills needed using practical examples delivered by highly experienced specialist trainers.