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Shared Services Masterclass


Deciding to embark on a shared service journey can have a significant impact on an organisation.  Yet, ask three people to define a shared service and three different answers will be given.  Key to success is a common shared vision amongst senior stakeholders.  This one-day course is designed for new projects and provides the detailed knowledge for senior management to help build this common understanding.  The programme can be tailored to individual customer requirements. The training will consist of real case studies and top tips from practitioners based on numerous implementations and years of experience.


What will it cover?

  • Preparing for shared services
  • Types of operating model
  • Preparing for the change
  • Project and implementation approach
  • Governance processes
  • Types of charge back mechanisms
  • The use of automation


Who should attend?

  • Senior management considering shared services or business process outsourcing
  • Project sponsors
  • Project managers


Call to action

A shared service project can go wrong at the time of a project launch.  For the sake of a one-day education session, many issues can be averted and a common vision and understanding of what lies ahead created amongst the senior stakeholders and sponsors.