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Team Leader Training


Designed for people that are new to people management, a suite of training options that aim to build confidence in aspiring and newly-appointed team leaders, supported by real-life shared services examples.  These courses prepare individuals for the role covering the development of soft skills, managing conflicts, employee feedback and appraisals and other key component skills of a shared services team leader. The courses also embrace how to achieve a high performing team within a shared service environment.


What will it cover?

Understanding team leaders’ roles and responsibilities in a shared service

Team development and delegation:

Effective team communication

Persuading and influencing people

Dealing with challenging situations

Team motivation techniques

Effective team leadership

How to feedback and appraise on individual performance

How to build a high performing team


Who should attend?

Shared service team leaders

High performing team members new to basic people management skills


Call to action

To all shared service managers wishing to develop their staff to be future team leaders.  Training is a clear demonstration of the intent to promote from within the shared service, a key component of managing attrition rates.