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Training Partner

Research has shown that companies that regularly appraise staff competencies in line with their future vision and define their training programmes around specific gaps, increase their chances of achieving their plans by up to 80%.  Through our experience in shared services and outsourcing we have created our own competency inventories, which can be used to express the development needs of individuals in ways that are relevant to the sector.  

As your training partner we would assess the development gaps and deliver training throughout the year.  Our experienced consultants would also support and coach the individual during the year to ensure that the training generates the required result.

The advantages of using our training partnership scheme are that courses are priced in terms of total training days per year by individual.   This means that courses can be established to meet the needs of the individual rather than reaching an economic group level and investing on training that is not a priority for others or just for general interest. 

We believe in delivering training that has the optimum mixture of ‘on-the-job’, classroom education and coaching.  By getting this right for each individual, your return on investment will be maximised and the administration required from your HR team kept to a minimum.