First Proservartner Automation Index Launched

29th November 2018

“For those that want to remain competitive, automation is not a choice, it’s an unavoidable business reality. Clearly, Brexit is accelerating the adoption and in the long term, that could prove to be a positive thing for the UK."

- Rakesh Sangani - Chief Executive Officer, Proservartner.

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Proservartner Automation Index - report into automation and robotics within UK businesses

The Proservartner Automation Index is the first multi-sector report of its kind into the uptake of automation. It has been established to provide a clear view on the impact of automation today and its likely impact in the near term in each industry sector.


To create the index, we surveyed over 600 UK businesses, from SMEs to major multinational companies.

The results back up our first hand experience, that UK companies are increasing their investment in technologies like chatbots, AI and robotics in anticipation of future skills shortages, particularly in light of Brexit. These technologies are reshaping how we work; effectively taking on repetitive, repeatable work, which otherwise would be completed by a human member of the team.