Brief history of RPA

What is/isn't RPA

The two types of RPA

Advantages of the technology

2019 trends

LIVE - build a bot demo

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Proservartner have a busy calendar of events throughout 2020. Our aim is to make all of our breakfast briefings and webinars interesting, entertaining and above all else useful.

RPA in Private Equity

Tuesday, 28th  January | London | 8:30-11:30am

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Hands on RPA session 

Thursday, 30th January | Amsterdam | 8:30-11:30am

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Meet us at Future Of Finance 

10-12th February | London | Book a meeting

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RPA in Operational Functions

Thursday, 20th February | Belfast | 8:30-11:30am

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Business Process Outsourcing

Friday, 28th February | Webinar| 9:30am

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RPA Hackathon Belfast

Friday, 6th March | Webinar| 9am-6pm

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"It’s been a great opportunity to play with the bot itself. We’ll be thinking about how we can apply it to some of our simple HR processes; where we can potentially train people up to be able to utilise it and where we might need extra support." 

Head of Finance Transformation, Large housing association


“As a leader who always receives invites to attend events, I pick and choose those that will add most value to my learning; Proservartner events are always to the point with the right mix of attendees.  This particular session raised the bar with the practical experience of building the bot; this has raised the topic to the forefront of my agenda.”

Global HR Operations Director, Data and Insights company

"Overall it was really interesting. We haven’t implemented RPA in HR in my company yet, so after today, that’s going to be something I’ll be starting on."

In-house RPA Analyst, Finance Industry