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28th March 2019

Kryon announces partnership with Proservartner
Press release

25th March 2019


Kryon®, a leading robotic process automation (RPA) company enabling enterprises to achieve continuous process optimization and change the way employees work, today announced a new partnership with international consulting firm, Proservartner. This partnership will enable customers to formulate and implement strategies that will leverage RPA and Artificial Intelligence to uniquely deliver improved process outcomes.

“Proservartner is a leading management consultancy with vast SME knowledge that has the ability to provide a wide range of services to our existing and future clientele,” said Darius Heisig, General Manager EMEA at Kryon Systems. “We look forward to working with a like-minded company that understands the RPA landscape and its significant potential. Improving customer satisfaction and security for our customer base is a priority as we take on clients across the EMEA region alongside our newest partner, Proservartner.”

To kick off the partnership, Kryon and Proservartner will host a “Robots in the Finance Function” Breakfast Briefing in London, on April 4th. The event will host finance executives from global enterprises, demonstrating how robotics are used in operational processes within finance functions. The briefing will also examine the Proservartner automation index and what it reveals about the potential of RPA within various industries.

“The demand for RPA in our operating markets is soaring. Organizations are leveraging intelligent automation techniques to optimize the way humans interact with robots. We are thrilled to be working with Kryon and accessing the ability to take a process mining approach to automation,” said Rakesh Sangani, Proservartner Founder and Chief Executive. “Together we will ensure that our clients have the right combination of technology and expertise to help them to achieve their outcomes.”

Coupled with Kryon’s innovative Process Discovery™ technology, Proservartner is able to help enterprises delegate tasks and processes to a virtual work force, enabling company employees to focus on more strategic, creative, and customer-facing initiatives. Through its consulting services, Proservarter will provide Kryon’s customers with all the tools and training to achieve more results with less effort through strategic optimization and scaling.


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Proservartner partners with UiPath to provide Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services
Press release

14th February 2019


Specialist operational excellence and digital transformation consultancy Proservartner today announced that it has partnered with UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company.  


Rakesh Sangani, Proservartner founder and Chief Executive, said: “The demand for RPA in our operating markets is soaring. Organisations are leveraging automation to optimize the way humans interact with robots to reduce costs, improve productivity and deliver a better service.  We are excited to work with UiPath. Together we will ensure that our clients have the best process expertise and the best technology, helping them to achieve more with less.”


The strategic partnership will enable clients to automate intelligently by offering end-to-end automation of key business processes that will improve customer satisfaction, reduce risk and deliver transactions faster and more accurately, securely and at scale. 


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First Proservartner Automation Index Launched

29th November 2018

“For those that want to remain competitive, automation is not a choice, it’s an unavoidable business reality. Clearly, Brexit is accelerating the adoption and in the long term, that could prove to be a positive thing for the UK."

- Rakesh Sangani - Chief Executive Officer, Proservartner.



Please visit the Insight page to access the full copy of the report.

Proservartner Automation Index - report into automation and robotics within UK businesses

The Proservartner Automation Index is the first multi-sector report of its kind into the uptake of automation. It has been established to provide a clear view on the impact of automation today and its likely impact in the near term in each industry sector.


To create the index, we surveyed over 600 UK businesses, from SMEs to major multinational companies.

The results back up our first hand experience, that UK companies are increasing their investment in technologies like chatbots, AI and robotics in anticipation of future skills shortages, particularly in light of Brexit. These technologies are reshaping how we work; effectively taking on repetitive, repeatable work, which otherwise would be completed by a human member of the team.