• olivergwynne

6 new developers start at Proservartner

Proservartner are very excited to announce that we have expanded our Intelligent Automation team with the addition of 6 new starters.

For over eleven years Proservartner has brought together people, processes and technology to solve problems and implement change. Our new starters represent a major investment for the company and demonstrate our belief that automation and in particular RPA can help transform process efficiency.

Robotic Process Automation is essentially software with a very specific task. You might think of them as more advanced version of functions or macros within Excel – except that RPA sits on top of other applications, and so can link them together. This enables a robot to carry out many of the mundane tasks currently preventing employees from working on higher-value work.

RPA is not a silver bullet and indeed our own CEO Rakesh Sangani originally started off as something of a cynic. “ Around five years ago, there was lots of talk around how we could automate the whole finance function through robots and stats suggesting 35% of jobs in the UK will be lost to robots, which really made me quite resistant. But over the last 3 years I’ve recognised through experience that if you leverage RPA in the right places, in the right ways, then it can provide tangible value within the finance function. RPA has started primarily within finance but we are now seeing applications across business functions and industries. “

Since 2015, Proservartner have been growing the Intelligent Automation side of its businesses and have successfully implemented RPA into a variety of different business functions.

“There are two very important aspects in getting RPA right. There’s the technical development side of RPA, and there’s process mapping and optimisation. We realised that we could really add value in this area to our clients by combining our developer’s technological skills with our team's many years of operational and managerial experience.” says Rakesh “We have had some fantastic results with clients so far and we are very excited to have our 6 new starts join us as we grow.”

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