• olivergwynne

Automating Data Entry

One of the most common activities for many employees is copying data in between systems, spreadsheets, programmes or browsers.

Data is the word on everyone’s lips, and yet many companies struggle to successfully leverage data in a quick and efficient way so they can use it to inform business decisions and become more competitive.

Manual data entry is a bottleneck for many organisations but is often seen as a necessary evil. For thousands of people, copying and pasting data from one system into another is just a part of their daily lives.This process could quickly and easily be automated through use of RPA.

How can automation support?

RPA can execute tasks across multiple software applications at the interface level, meaning it can eliminate the need to copy and paste across different systems.Not only does this get rid of a laborious process and save time, but also means there can be no human error in copying across data. Reducing the need to copy and paste sounds like a small time saver, but it can have a huge impact on a business.

If you are interested in automation but not sure where to start, why not download our free whitepaper? It contains 13 process that we think are the ideal starting point for RPA.