• Stephen Babbage

March 2019: Automation Anywhere Community Edition (CE)

Short bulletins on software updates from key RPA vendors, from Jon Turner and Stephen Babbage.

On the 4th March, Automation Anywhere brought itself in line with a number of other RPA vendors, in offering a free to use community edition (UiPath & Kryon have offered variations of this for quite some time). This opens accessibility for the end user, small business, and even that of the student at home who wish to embark on an RPA endeavour, given the popularity of automation in recent times. Of note the CE edition is a local install, however the Control Room (Where your robots are stored, scheduled and maintained) is hosted in the cloud, alongside the licensing. This makes setting up a CE edition to experiment and learn straightforward.

This is a great move by Automation Anywhere in keeping up with the competition, providing a free platform for users to fully sample the benefits of RPA, in contrast to the paywall that inhibited this previously.

Interestingly the CE edition includes all the additional modules to give a flavour of what AA has to offer, from the small business all the way to the enterprise level. The components are as follows:

Enterprise RPA

This is your bread and butter RPA suite. Includes the full range to create your tasks, where all the commands are at your disposal.

IQ Bot – Cognitive Automation

An Optical Character Recognition that can be utilised to scan in and create structure out of unstructured data that your business requirements may need. Think of invoicing that could be automated?

Bot Insight – Analytics

A business intelligence-led insight into how your robots are performing. Captures success rates, what is encountered on the way, and any issues that may be occurring on a regular basis. Built in already into the control room, and accessible by any user that is setup in the system, regardless of licence.

Bot Store – Marketplace

An interesting take on a marketplace, where pre-made robots are created, and sold (At this time free). Good for grabbing common tasks to integrate as a task/sub-task within your bots. Good for learning how others automate common tasks, filling out those library of re-usable functions.

Mobile App

Showcasing the industries first RPA mobile app (UiPath have their equivalent now), accessibility to the control room. Users on both iOS & Android platforms, the ability to stop, start, pause, monitor the current status of the bots, and viewing ROI, the use cases for this may be niche, but has potential for the agile companies in the marketplace.


Automation Anywhere CE edition is free for small businesses, developers, and students. This is limited by definition of 250 machines (Physical or virtual), 250 users, or $5 million in annual revenue. Of note, IQ bot is limited to 100 pages per month.

Final Say

Automation Anywhere releasing the CE edition is a welcome step, making their product more marketable in a competitive landscape, given the strides UiPath have taken recently. Furthering this Automation Anywhere University material is predominantly free and caters from the project management through to the technical RPA work, with competitive pricing for their certifications. Should you wish to test the top products on the market, there is now an easy way to as a technical person, and from the business, and we welcome Automation Anywhere’s decision to release the CE edition.

We'll be covering what the software updates mean for you and your business.