• Stephen Babbage

Automation Anywhere Enterprise packs a host of improvements

By Stephen Babbage and Jon Turner

Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019

Last month Automation Anywhere announced Enterprise A2019, with promises of a host of improvements. Well, today they hosted a webinar and we’re pleased to report that they have delivered on the promises. There was so much new that we can’t do justice to them all here, so we’ll focus on some highlights below. Suffice to say that this release addresses many previous concerns and brings AA alongside – if not ahead -of the competition.

Multiple platform support

The products been completely rebuilt, by moving from .Net to Java. Why is this important? Because A2019 supports Mac and Linux machines as well as Windows, you can create bots on Windows, but also Mac, Linux or even iPad. Bots can be controlled from Mac and iPad as well. And they will run on Linux as well as Windows – no mention (yet?) of running on Mac (this may be trickier, given the internal structure of macOS).

Reduced TCO

As well as using the Java platform, and supporting multiple platforms, the A2019 brings down TCO by reducing bot install overhead. Attended bots need no install, and even Unattended ones use a zero config install. Further, the Enterprise level cloud reduces resource requirements for Control Room and SQL database resources.

Improved interface

Although too early to say if it’s as good as the competition’s, the interface does now offer graphical flowcharts and multiple windows. In addition, inline scripting keeps your scripts in one place (Python & VBScript was illustrated), simplifying those more complex automations.

Improved functionality

There are hundreds of new features, one of the most important is vastly improved array handling when passing from one task to the next – which is now all “Excel like”, and yes, there are new Excel features too. Built-in integration with Google sheets, OneDrive, and other cloud services are included out-the-box, competing with the UiPath packages that are on offer.


This supports thousands of bots in the same environment, meaning better efficiency, resource and licence utilisation. An example was given of a South American bank with 1,700 bots in one environment.

Improved Security

AA have really taken security to heart and embraced the principle of least privilege. This means that bots have only the access they need, and nothing more. There are new, role-based access controls, and Attended bots do not need Admin rights – keeping your systems safer.

Finally, bots are encrypted so that say a Finance bot can’t “see” the code of, or what’s happening with, the HR one.

Cloud based options

The offerings Automation Anywhere offer as a cloud-based service, coined as RPA-as-a-Service. Often challenges when implementing and scaling up hinge on infrastructure capabilities, and roll-out times. The cloud option tackles this directly, reducing the cost of ownership from a business point of view, and allowing full scalability. The ease is emphasised by AA, when signing up to the SaaS model, users are given access via their browser to log in and create their bots. Administration is via the cloud as well. You, as a customer, do not even need to consider which cloud provider to utilise – AA does this for you!

How am I impacted?

AA is back in the game in a big way and might now be your number one choice. We have already updated the changes into our vendor selection database.

So if you haven’t yet chosen an RPA platform, get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help!