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Blue Prism’s Extended Partnership with IBM

Updated: Feb 21

By Sarah MacCrossan, contributions from Lukasz Jarosz and Arkadiusz Starczewski

Just over a year ago, Blue Prism launched their Digital Exchange platform allowing customers to integrate with advanced AI Tools such as IBM visual recognition tool Watson. Now, Blue Prism have made exciting developments to their technical partnership with IBM that will allow customers to connect to IBM’s Cloud Pak for Automation.

This expansion sees the addition of 3 new IBM integrations, all of which are delivered on the cloud as SaaS. Below is an outline of the new tools and the potential benefits they could provide to the business processes of Blue Prism user’s:

1. IBM BA Content Analyzer:

An intelligent capture tool allowing rapid extraction and classification of data from documents using OCR and PDF text extraction. It can also combine with IBM Watson and other AI technologies to provide business insights.

Benefits for Blue Prism users:

  • It is embedded in software applications via RESTful API so you can easily extend the value of your current applications.

  • Intelligent and flexible capture analysis for extracting information from structured or unstructured documents.

  • A more complete picture of your data using AI algorithms.

2. IBM Business Automation Workflow:

An automation tool for increasing productivity, efficiency and insights.

Benefits for Blue Prism users:

  • Better prioritization - Ability to combine process-centric and case-centric work in repeatable business workflows, meeting wider enterprise needs.

  • Increased client engagement – ability to provide workflow participants and case workers with access to systems, information and analytics.

  • Resolve cases quickly - built-in visibility and powerful analytics identify the best actions and in turn improve collaboration between IT and business teams.

3. IBM Operational Decision Manager:

A comprehensive decision automation solution that can discover, capture, analyze, automate and govern rules-based business decisions. Its capabilities include, but are not limited to, tasks such as authorizing a loan, deciding on promotional offers, or detecting a cross-sell opportunity with high precision and customization.

Benefits for Blue Prism users:

  • Developers, business users and administrators can manage decision discovery, updating, testing, simulation and deployment.

  • Supports business users with a no-code approach. They discover, author and maintain their decisions.

  • Business policies can be quickly updated and deployed, without the need for long and costly development cycles.

  • Take advantage of IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud — on-premises, or on your custom, private cloud. Flexibility: integrate IBM Operational Decision Manager decisions with virtually any enterprise or mobile application, using REST, SOAP, XML or SDKs.

Prosevartner’s Thoughts:

The IBM integrated tools as a whole are powerful, offering organisations a solution no matter what stage of their digital transformation process they are at!

As a Blue Prism user, it is exciting you have more choices for your business approach without being restricted to using the IBM public cloud. You can integrate these tools using your preferred cloud platform without the worry of limiting your automation capabilities.

Blue Prism Automation and IBM Cloud Pak combined will allow users to create even smarter, more advanced digital workers, allowing businesses to maintain a competitive edge.

Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange platform is rapidly and continually growing; just this week they also formed a partnership with leading Operations Management and Analytics company EXL. Providing integration with such a vast choice of automation software sees them regaining some ground on RPA leaders UiPath and Automation Anywhere. However, they still rank behind their competitors, coming in 3rd overall in Horses For Sources Software Ranking.

For more information see here https://www.blueprism.com/news/blue-prism-expands-ibm-partnership-to-deliver-broader-intelligent-automation-capabilities/ or have a look at the individual integrations on Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange platform.