• olivergwynne

Finance Processes to automate

In a world where data is the new currency, businesses are looking for their Finance teams to become more flexible, more efficient and provide greater levels of service. The modern Finance professional must adopt working practices to encompass new technology and adapt to the disruptive force of regulation, all while delivering improved services to both internal and external customers.

Automation is being hailed as the next big innovator that will help improve processes and efficiency. Many Finance leaders we talk to are interested in the applications of automated processes but are unsure where to start, which software to use, or how to scale.

That’s why we’ve put together a helpful whitepaper:

'No brainer' finance processes to automate.

There are fifteen processes where we consider the implementation of automation to be a ‘no-brainer.’ You'll find out what they are over the coming weeks or you can download the whole paper by registering your email at:


We hope this guide will give you an oversight on what RPA is, what it can accomplish and where you might begin.