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RPA and Private Equity – why it makes sense, inside and out.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

In order to create sustainable growth, Private Equity firms need a strategy to transform the businesses they invest in. Whether that strategy is business turnaround, integration or growth, Robotic Process Automation is a valuable tool. 

If you’ve not come across RPA before, it is – put simply – a way of getting a piece of software to undertake simple rules-based activities. It can perform tasks such as opening emails, accessing databases, gathering data, filling out forms and perform calculations. It is best suited to repetitive, rules-based tasks that involve structured data.

The agile implementation and quick returns of RPA make a lot of sense for Private Equity transformations. It can also help to relieve the administrative burden within Private Equity firms themselves, creating time for more valuable work. 

RPA is an obvious choice to apply within acquired businesses. A bot can be implemented in a matter of weeks to dramatically improve efficiency. This can mean significant back-office savings and a clear way to deliver more value without increasing headcount. RPA is also increasingly being considered as a serious alternative to traditional outsourcing and shared services strategies when it comes to removing transactional load. 

RPA allows organisations to trial new ways of working in the timescales needed for a successful private equity turnaround. RPA can still interact with existing systems, potentially removing the need for weighty investments in new systems or upgrades to expensive tools such as ERPs. 

Whether you are a Private Equity firm, or backed by one you can find out more about the strengths and weaknesses of RPA at our Breakfast briefing:

Thursday, 23rd January 2020

London EC2N 1HQ

We are presenting with RPA vendor Automation Anywhere and alongside an overview of the technology, industry adoption and trends from 2019 you’ll also be able to build-a-bot yourself.

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