• Stephen Babbage

UiPath announces Orchestrator Basic

Last week, UiPath announced an addition to their product range – a “Lite” version of Orchestrator. The current version of Orchestrator allows users to automate bot scheduling, provision UiPath licences and monitor robots. The major benefit is allowing a single robot licence to execute multiple bots by scheduling them to run in specified time slots. This vastly increases bot productivity, allowing fewer robots to do more and therefore saving money.

Previously, it wasn’t cost effective to implement Orchestrator in smaller environments – Orchestrator Basic addresses this. Priced at less than half the cost of the Standard licence, it allows users to realise Orchestrator benefits earlier and potentially with fewer robot licences – offsetting total start-up cost.

Comparison of Basic & Standard

We see Basic as fitting in when a client anticipates introducing three or more bots in the first six months – this would potentially allow them to work with fewer robot licences to begin with, adding more as their usage increases.

It will be possible to upgrade from the Basic to Standard licence, indeed, this would be the path we recommend.

This is a welcome addition to UiPath’s product range and users should consider Orchestrator Basic in their initial licence package.