• Stephen Babbage

UiPath Licence Updates

On Thursday, UiPath announced changes to their licensing solution, which in their words “enables us to smooth things over for you”.

It will take place in three time-blocks:

  • October – UiPath v2019.10 LTS will integrate so that all products work on the new platform

  • September - November – patches for most recent supported versions (2018.4 and 2019.4) released

  • September - February next year – migration to new platform; new feature and visible improvements.

How am I impacted?

If you’re on 2018.4 or 2019.4, you’ll receive a patch which you should apply to all your “standalone” Studio and Robot licences.

If you’re not on one of these versions, you’ll need to upgrade before February.

Also, if you’re still using 2016.2, Mainstream Support will end on 12 December, and Extended Support 3 months later on 12 March 2020. (2016.1, 2017.1, 2018.1, 2018.2 and 2018.3 are all already out of support).

If all this still sounds a bit complicated, get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help!

You can reach Stephen at stephen.babbage@proservartner.co.uk